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Strike a Pose – Studio Posing:

Hello all!

And welcome to the mini series of poses, I can’t wait to share my go to poses with you all.

This post will include all my go to studio poses without props like chairs, with details on how to transition through poses easily and lots of other tips.

So let’s get started! I like to give all my go to poses funny names as who knows, maybe it will stick in someone’s mind easier.

1. The “thats crazy” pose:

So I’m really bad when it comes to zoning out of a conversation and that’s crazy is my default!

If you’re able to sit down then this pose works really well and can give the shot a more grungy vibe. It also works stood up if you tuck your other hand under the elbow to hold the arm that you’re touching your face with. Although crossing an arm over your body can sometimes be a little blocky, as long as you are create triangles then you should be fine. You can see the triangle created by my right arm below.

2. Own your hair!

You know I said no props, well your hair can be your secret crutch! Put your hands through it, switch the parting up, pull the ponytail out to the side for an editorial vibe, own your style! Sometimes it can be harder with an intricate hairstyle in place but you can always emphasise the ponytail/French braids/other braids are available styles without driving your hairstylist to despair. It can literally be a simple tuck of the hair behind the ear. This pose also works amazingly with earrings or jewellery and it’s a pose with variation meaning that your pose transitions can be subtle and therefore produce more natural looking images, rather than looking like you’re posing.

Basically be #candid

3. The invisible handbag!

I love this pose and after hearing the expression at a fashion show I couldn’t unsee it! This pose works WONDERS when you’re shooting E-commerce, I just works and is a fail safe when your mind goes blank.

4. The can’t decide what to pick from the buffet pose (everything leads back to my love of buffets at this point)

This is one of the first poses a photographer showed me. The beauty of this pose is that you can change it up by placing your hand on different parts of your face, tuck ping hair back, on your chin, fingers on your cheek for an unfazed look. And another thing, you’ve got TWO ARMS! I know, news to us all, but now you can replicate that pose on the other side, and it will have a different vibe.

Some extra pose ideas:

The flamingo – I really wanted to get the shoe in shot and magically, the flamingo was created (swipe on the Instagram link below)

The Smile – I NEVER used to smile when I started out but now it’s one of my favourite things to do to change up a pose, and it relaxes you.

THE WALK – This works a dream in the studio! Whether it’s a walk across the set or walking forward towards the camera if you incorporate some of this you’re be 🔥

The I fell asleep waiting on you to make me a sandwich (Vine you’ll never be forgotten) – This was honestly not intended at all! I think I blinked mid shot but it looked snazzy so, don’t be afraid to close your eyes, do quirky poses to get a more editorial vibe.


My top tips for studio poses without props!

– Most of your poses will occur by mistake/trying to most random poses, embrace them!

– Remember to place at least one of your hands within a pose

– Triangles are your friend! Try and create poses with triangles, for example the flamingo has the triangle by the foot and the left leg, it provides the photo with angles that work

– It takes time, but gradually you’ll build up your go to poses and will be able to pose for 10mins straight, trust me!

I hope you enjoyed this segment of Strike a Pose, stay tuned for more posing tips!

Laura x

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  1. Super nice poses, I shall try a few for my selfies as well! ^_^ Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thank you, glad they’ve helped ☺️

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